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Spencer's Statement on Recent Crime in Topeka:

“With the most recent violence in our streets, Topeka is on record pace for homicides. This is unacceptable. It is also disturbing that elected officials remain publicly silent. These homicides are horrifying and painful moments for our city. My prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims, and those impacted by these terrible acts. This violence must be dealt with swiftly and we must address the core issues of why this violence occurs.”

“As a native Topekan, this violence impacts me deeply. Our City is filled with wonderful people. These actions do not exemplify who our City is, the people who live in our communities or efforts of law enforcement. However, an act of violence against one of us, harms all of us.”

“I hope public officials are meeting with law enforcement today, asking what resources and support they need, and providing it. It’s essential police officers know they have public officials’ support.”

“To those committing these crimes: There is no escaping your deed. You will be found, prosecuted and face judgement. Law enforcement will be vigilant and our courts will prosecute these evil acts to the fullest. There will be no tolerance in our City for acts of violence and no escaping punishment.”

“To those considering violence: There are other options and many in our community who will help. We want to make sure you, and those around you, are safe. Reach out to friends and family. Go to the hospital and explain your situation. Contact law enforcement. Call the NAMI hotline at 800-950-6264. Violence is never a solution so let others help you solve the problem in a productive way.”

“To the people of Topeka: You deserve a safe city. We must prioritize people above all else. City Hall must shutter abandoned properties that are hubs for criminal activity; support mental health & social service programs; ensure law enforcement has the tools it needs to keep neighborhoods safe; promote effective methods to reduce recidivism; and work closely with the courts & penal systems.”

“Each homicide this year has been the result of different circumstances. While there is not one simple solution, there are initiatives we must put in place to diminish acts of violence. The priority of local government must be to keep citizens safe.”

“If elected officials do not strongly condemn these acts and take further action, we have no hope of solving the problem. We need bold elected officials who stand up on behalf of all citizens and let bullies and criminals know violence in our communities will not be tolerated. Strong words must always be used to condemn these acts, while stronger actions must be taken to solve the problem.”

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