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These are some frequent questions I am asked in the community, by friends and family about my desire to serve. If you have questions of your own, I’m glad to answer!

Visit our Contact Us page and send me a message, and I will respond as soon as I can. Spencer




Question: We see that in your day job you also are registered lobbyist. How is that good for the citizens of Topeka?

Answer: I’m proud of the work I have done as a lobbyist. The groups I have represented have been primarily small-to-mid size businesses, non-profits, cities and counties. I work closely with businesses and non-profits, and understand their needs. Our city must attract jobs and businesses to build a strong tax base, create safe streets and develop good quality of life. My history of working closely with business owners and non-profit groups keys me to their needs and allows me to create an environment in our city that helps them prosper.

I have traveled the state extensively, to nearly every county in the past several years and many cities. I have seen firsthand, and worked with some of communities, to see what tools and programs other communities in Kansas are using to retain and attract businesses and citizens. Some of the work they have done to improve quality of life is tremendously successful and we need to apply those efforts to Topeka. I have also traveled to other cities across the country, and seen the efforts they are using to improve their communities.

If elected Mayor, I will no longer serve as a registered lobbyist for any group except the City of Topeka. Those organizations I currently represent will find others to represent them. I will only serve the People of Topeka at our State Legislature and on the Federal Level. You will be my priority and I will use my skills on your behalf.


Question: With so many issues to address in Topeka, where will you start?

Answer: There are many good things happening in Topeka. Individually, many groups and communities are working hard to improve our City. The City has funded downtown development initiatives and allocated sales tax funds to a variety of efforts around town. Those are wonderful.

But we must focus on job creation and business retention, roads and infrastructure, health and safety and community development. If we start there, we will see instant improvement in our City.

We need a more singular vision and direction that gives us focus and specific goals as a City. We need to start putting all the individuals pieces together into a cohesive vision, and it needs to be done with direct guidance from the citizens of Topeka.

For example: It’s great that we made improvements to Downtown Topeka. They will help. However, those improvements needed to be made as part of an overall 10-year-plan for how the City was going to attract business to downtown and make it a better place for our citizens. The plan needed more focused direction and goals so that it was just a part of a larger plan to develop our city.

Another example: More than $40 million of taxpayer funds will be used to improve the Kansas Expocentre. That facility is an important part of Topeka and generates millions of dollars for our city during a single year. BUT…what other efforts is the City considering when it comes to developing the area around the Expocentre? At this time, none. We must take a closer look at how we can develop the area around the facility to make it a more attractive destination for people who attend events at the Expocentre. Closer restaurants, bars, outdoor or sitting venues, etc.

These are just a few simple examples of areas where tax dollars are being spent, but our City has lacked vision as to additional steps to take and not developed long-term plans to ensure tax dollars are well spent and not simply being thrown at a problem. We need to solve the problem with strong planning and development.


Question: How are we going to find out your position on issues or what your initiatives are for Topeka?

Answer: Few simple ways:

  • Just ask! Go to the Contact Us page and send an email or give me a call. It may take a day or so to get back to you, but I will. And I will answer any question you ask.
  • Check this website often
  • Invite me to speak. If you have a group or club that you would like me to speak to, contact me and I will be there.
  • Follow me on Twitter @SpencerLDuncan and Facebook at
  • Most important: Tell me what kind of elected official you think I should be. Nothing is more important that ensuring the voice of ALL Topekans is heard and represented. Initiatives will only be successful if they have the support of the citizens. Let’s work together to find out what initiatives are most important to you, and make things happen.


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