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PUBLIC SAFETY     pdf     jpeg

There is no more essential role of City Government than keeping citizens safe. There is room for improvement and we must strengthen our efforts.


ROAD CONSTRUCTION     pdf     jpeg

We cannot keep doing things the same way and expecting our problems to resolve themselves. We must exhaust new options, without raising taxes on Topekans.


TRANSPARENCY      pdf     jpeg

City government must be transparent in all processes. The public has a right to know how and why decisions are made.


MENTAL HEALTH     pdf     jpeg

We must take care of citizens struggling with mental health needs. We must work within our community to improve this care.


HOUSING     pdf     jpeg

Shawnee County lacks affordable housing options. Topeka must pursue Affordable Housing initiatives that address real needs.


CLEAN CITY     pdf     jpeg

A clean, energy efficient city is essential to keeping our water and air clean. Our city must work toward initiatives that create a healthy environment for our citizens to call home.


YOUNG PROFESSIONALS     pdf     jpeg


We must create a viable atmosphere for young professionals to thrive based on principles and planning.

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Barbara Duncan, Treasurer
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